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2024 Annual TSCC Conference

Saturday, Feb. 24, Aldersgate United Methodist Church

1130 Lincoln Ave., Evansville

9:00 am to Noon CST, registration begins at 8:30

Keynote: Rev. Jim Antal

"Responding Faithfully to the Care of the Earth"

The Faith Congregation in a Time of Climate Emergency

Rev. Antal is a denominational leader, activist, and public theologian. He serves as Special Advisor on Climate Justice to the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ. He lives out of a firm conviction that the faith community must get more engaged in protecting our earth and preserving a livable planet for future generations.

Breakout presentations include:

     Cultivating a Creation Care Congregation   ~ Rev. Jim Antal

     Purchasing a Heat Pump: Tax Credits and Rebates   ~ Bryce Brackett of Brackett Heating and Air
     Evansville’s Green Future   ~ Lauren Norvell, Evansville’s Climate Action Director
     Gardening Through the Seasons  ~ Frank Nellis

Present also will be many organizations sharing information about their mission and work.  

Special guests include the Wood Turners of Evansville and Tri-State Wood Carvers displaying their work and offering some items for sale.

Event is free and open to the the public

Recordings of the

2023 Tri-State Creation Care Conference

John Mundell's keynote address:

Breakout presentation videos:

       "Thriving Faith Communities: Saving Energy and Money"  by Ray Wilson

       "For a Prosperous Garden: Keep It Weed-Free without Chemicals"  by Frank Nellis


Plant A Wildflower Sanctuary

Grass lawns provide nothing for wildlife.  A small plot of wildflowers, on the other hand, means food and a home.  Planting a 10x15' plot is both easy and relatively low maintenance.  Classes and free seed are provided by Tristate CC in March and April.  Request to be notified by emailing us.

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